The fixed index annuity outperformed the S&P 500 over the last decade. How much risk to principal
does the fixed index annuity owner bear due to market fluctuations? Exactly
ZERO. Why? Because in
a good fixed index annuity, the principal
AND interest are never subject to stock market declines. Any
interest credited at the end of the year is locked in and protected against stock market losses. With
today's volatile markets and treasury rates at historic lows, a product that shares in the increases of
the stock market index, but not the losses.

Throughout the last decade, in a good fixed index annuity and interest was guaranteed and protected
from stock market index losses. You will see by comparing the
GREEN, RED, and BLUE lines that
when the stock market index goes up, the fixed index annuity has the potential to increase; but the
fixed index annuity experiences no losses due to the stock market index going down.

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